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Browser Incompatibility

RD Geo requires the Silverlight plugin. Unfortunately, this plugin is now unsupported by all browsers other than Internet Explorer and Firefox Extended Support Release. Chrome, Edge, Safari, and other versions of Firefox are not supported.
The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is working on the development of a new version of RD Geo that will not require any additional plugins and therefore, work with all browsers.


RDGeo is the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George’s online Geographic Information System. You can use this site to:

  • View Property Boundaries.
  • Search by Roll Number, Legal Description, Address or PID.
  • Lookup zoning and other bylaw area boundaries.
  • View and print imagery.
  • Print property reports and maps.
The Regional District is constantly striving to improve RDGeo and wants to hear from you. Please send your questions and comments regarding the web mapping site to
**Please turn off pop-up blockers before accessing our mapping sites.**



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