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Associations & Societies / Overview

Many communities within the Regional District have community members who have come together as active volunteers to form Community Associations or Recreation Commissions that work for the common good of their community. Most of these groups are registered as societies (not-for-profit organizations) with the BC Corporate Registry. As such, the group acquires all of the powers of an individual, as well as an independent existence, separate and distinct from its members.

The responsibilities of these community groups might include:

  • operating and maintaining local community halls and recreational properties containing amenities such as skating rinks, ball parks, equestrian properties, playgrounds and picnic areas;

  • participating in the development of local community projects;

  • applying for various grants in support of local community projects; and

  • organizing a variety of social functions and activities.

For more information on how to register as a society or the responsibilities of a society check out the Province of BC website at this link:   https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/employment-business/business/not-for-profit-organizations/societies 


The following is a list of community groups within the Regional District and, where available, links to their websites and Facebook pages.


Bear Lake Recreation Association


Beaverly Community Association Beaverly Community Association Facebook Page
Bednesti/Berman Community Association
Buckhorn Recreation Commission
Canoe Valley Community Association

Canoe Valley Facebook Page

Cariboo-Ferndale Community Association Cariboo-Ferndale Community Association Facebook Page
Crescent Spur/Loos Community Association
Dome Creek Community Association
Dunster Community Association Dunster Community Association website
Hixon Community Association Hixon Community Website
Longworth Recreation Commission
McLeod's Lake Post Historical Society & Centennial Club

McLeod's Lake Post Historical Society & Centennial Club's Webpage

McLeod's Lake Post Historical Society & Centennial Club on Facebook

Miworth Community Association

Miworth Community Association Website

Miworth Community Association Facebook Page

email:  MiworthCommunityAssociation@gmail.com

Nadsilnich Lake Community Association Nadsilnich Lake Community Association Facebook Page
Ness Lake Recreation Commission
Norman Lake Community Association Norman Lake Community Association Facebook Page
Nukko Lake Recreation Commission
Penny Community Historical Association
Pilot Mountain Recreation Commission

Pilot Mountain Facebook Page

Pineview Recreation Commission

Pineview Community Events Facebook Page

Salmon Valley Community Association
Shell-Glen Improvement Society Shell Glen Improvement Society Facebook Page
Sinclair Mills Education & Recreational Club Sinclair Mills Community Facebook Page
Summit Lake Community Association
Tabor Lake Recreation Commission Tabor Lake Recreation Commission Facebook Page
Tete Jaune Community Club
Willow River Recreation Association

East Line Community Facebook Page

East Line Market Facebook Page