Building Inspection / Demolition

Before demolishing a building or structure, you may require a demolition permit.

When do I need a demolition permit? 

You need a demolition permit for renovations, alterations or to completely remove any type of buildings or structures.  If you need to demolish an existing detached garage, in order to build a new detached garage you will need a demolition and a building permit.  The same applies to a new house. Site Safety inspections are required once the building or structure has been demolished. Worksafe BC Regulations require that before releasing a demolition permit a hazardous material survey must be acquired 

If you are demolishing only a portion of a building or a structure or interior partitions you need to obtain a demolition permit as well as a building permit to make alteration to the building.

Demolition Requirements

Before work begins on the demolition, renovation or alteration of the building or structure, the owner (or authorized agent) must ensure a qualified person inspects the building or structure to identify the hazardous materials, if any.

1.  Prior to and during the demolition of a building, all shoring, bracing and other measures necessary to prevent accidental collapse of any part of the building shall be provided  by the permit holder or the owner.

2.  All adjacent property owners shall be notified in writing by the owner of the building to be demolished of the date or dates upon which demolition is to take place.

3.  During the demolition of a building, signs warning of the danger arising from the demolition shall be posted around the property in conspicuous locations.

4   Prior to demolition, all existing gas, electrical, water, sewer, steam or other services to the site of the building being demolished, shall be disconnected or shut off and capped  at the property line.  In each case, the owner shall give advance notice to and obtain the approval of the service and/or utility provider.

5.  The site of the building being demolished shall be maintained and left in such condition that no hazard to safety or health is created during or after demolition.

6.  Cellars and Excavation of Demolished Buildings:

  •  Except when new construction is to proceed without delay, shall be backfilled to grade level or be barricaded to prevent   unauthorized access;
  •  Until provision for permanent support has been made, shall be secured from endangering life or property by subsidence or collapse.

 9. Backfilling and related work and the quality and composition of materials placed under this section shall be sufficient to prevent harmful movement of all adjoining property.