Building Inspection / Solid Fuel Burning Appliance

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permits are required for all wood burning appliances located within a building or structure.

Application Form
A copy of the application for a Solid Fuel Burning Appliances is available here.

Permits can generally be processed over the counter the same day. An inspection can be called for at the time the permit is issued (the manual must be available at the time of inspection and the heating unit inspection may not be done if it is running)

In order to be approved by the building Inspectors all heating units must meet the clearances noted on the Certification label on the appliance and must be installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and the BC Building Code. 

NOTE: Regional District Building Inspectors are certified under the Wood Energy Technical Training Program (WETT). The inspectors perform a WETT Site Basic Visual Inspection (Level1) which includes all readily accessible components without the use of specialized tools or taking apart any components/walls.

Permit Fees
The fee for a Heating Unit Permit is $130.

Inspections Required
The owner or agent is responsible to call for inspections giving the inspector 48 hours notice.

  • Masonry Fireplace: When masonry fireplace is constructed up to the smoke chamber, and again when chimney is completed.
  • Chimney: Chimney clearances prior to interior or exterior finish
  • Solid Fuel Burning Appliance: When solid fuel burning appliance installation is complete