Mackenzie Select Waste Landfill / Landfill Conversion
Solid Waste Services in Mackenzie

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George operates the Mackenzie Regional Landfill and the recycling depot sites on Fraser Blvd. and Cicada Rd.

The District of Mackenzie manages the residential garbage collection service from households.

The site provides opportunities for recycling, centralized composting of yard and garden trimmings, residential waste disposal and commercial waste disposal.

A full listing of what is accepted and what materials are prohibited is available online at:

Residents can drop off small loads* of garbage and demolition land clearing and construction waste (DLC) without charge. Fees are applied to any user disposing of controlled waste. Information available on the Regional District website that lists what constitutes controlled waste.

The fee to dispose of refuse and demolition, land clearing and construction waste in other than small loads is $82 per tonne (subject to change) or a $6 minimum charge per load.

*Small load means household waste weighing less than 100 kg that is brought to a Regional District landfill or transfer station.

There are no fees to drop off recycling or yard and garden trimmings, or materials for the Swap Shed.

On Saturday, March 11, the Provincial Government announced it was providing the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George with a grant of $1,534,666 from the New Building Canada – Small Communities Fund to assist with solid-waste management and the construction of a full service transfer station at the Mackenzie Regional landfill.

Due to its isolated location and small volumes of garbage the Mackenzie Regional Landfill is costly to operate (approximately $330,000 per year), and is not a cost effective operation. It is an outdated facility with high liability and high operating costs. The current landfill is inadequate and inconvenient for effective waste diversion. Additionally there are concerns of long term environmental impacts if the site continues to operate in its present form.

Since 1997, the Regional District has been closing small rural landfills and moving towards having a single regional landfill. By regionalizing landfills, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George has been able to focus its efforts and invest in a better-designed and operated landfill and reduce the long-term risk associated with landfills.

Related to the closure of small landfills, transfer stations have replaced a number of sites allowing for marshalling points for garbage and recyclable materials from communities that are distant from the regional landfill. Waste and recyclable materials from these small communities is centralized at a transfer station and then shipped to a regional landfill or recycling centre.

There is no change to the list of the accepted of materials. The Regional District is exploring what recycling opportunities could be enhanced in Mackenzie, which will be confirmed once the design plan for the transfer station is finalized.

Providing one location to residents allowing for recycling and residue disposal increases the opportunity not only for residents to divert materials more conveniently but also for the Regional District to meet the waste diversion goals. A full service transfer station would provide an opportunity to invite product stewards into the conversation around facility design to discuss partnership opportunities for enhancing waste diversion programs available to residents. The transfer station design will be coordinated with the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan to ensure needs of the local garbage collection services and the community’s desire for more convenient disposal and recycling are met.

The Regional District’s Regional Solid Waste Management Plan recommends that the Mackenzie Regional Landfill be closed to all but construction and demolition waste.

The implementation of a minimum charge for small loads of household waste at all Regional District solid waste facilities was part of a bylaw (Bylaw 3023) approved by the Regional District Board in November 2016. There is no date yet for when this will take effect in Mackenzie, but once that is confirmed, it will be advertised months in advance to ensure residents are aware of the change.

There are many components involved in the project, including a review of the current layout to optimize access to the facilities. The current landfill space will be converted to demolition, land clearing and construction (DLC) waste disposal only. Finally, there will be construction of a new transfer station and recycling facility.

Once a formal design concept is finalized in late summer 2017, it will be brought to the public for feedback and consultation. Public consultation is an important part of this project.

The grant application was developed in 2015, and at that time the project was valued at just over $2.3 million. The New Building Canada-Small Communities Fund will cover 2/3 of the cost. The remaining costs for this project will be covered through reserve and alternative funds.

Project timelines will be confirmed, but early estimates suggest the project would be completed in fall of 2018.