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> EVACUATION ORDER UPDATE - Mountain View Road, McBride

Jul 21, 2020

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Training / RMS

FDM RMS is the records management system available to fire/rescue agencies. 

Documentation is provided below:

Basic Navigation & Use RMS-Basic_Navigation_&_Use.pdf (1140 Kb)
Personnel Module RMS-Personnel_Module_(PRS).pdf (681 Kb)
Incidents Module RMS-Incidents_Module_(INC).pdf (717 Kb)
Training Module RMS-Training_Module_(TRN).pdf (626 Kb)
Other Events Module RMS-Other_Events_(EVNT).pdf (438 Kb)
Properties Module RMS-Properties_Module_(PRF).pdf (591 Kb)
Inspections Module RMS-Inspections_Module_(INS).pdf (720 Kb)