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Regional Agriculture Strategy

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is creating its first-ever Regional Agriculture Strategy (RAS). The RAS will guide agriculture and farming for all seven electoral areas and provide a 20-year plan, with priorities identified for the first five to ten years to strengthen and grow the region's food and agriculture sector.

Urban and Regional Food Strategies, in association with Upland Agricultural Consulting, has been contracted to support the Regional District in developing the RAS. The Regional District and the project team will be working closely with the RAS Working Group that is made-up of agricultural industry associations, producers, and other entities that work with farmers and farming in the region. 


Why create an RAS?

With factors such as increased climate variability associated with global warming, global disruptions to value-chains, and the knowledge of experienced farmers not being passed-on, there is more reason than ever for a long-range plan to strengthen and create resiliency in the interest and investment in local BC food and agriculture products. There are also new and emerging market opportunities for farmers in the region that the Regional District can become a sector partner in.

Agriculture strategies also help to identify tangible actions for local governments to take for supporting farmers and farming for generations to come.


RAS Objectives

  1. Identify action-oriented goals and practical solutions to strengthen and support the agriculture sector.
  2. Encourage collaboration between the Regional District, Indigenous Nations, agricultural community, external organizations and provincial agencies to advance agriculture in the region.
  3. Develop recommendations that contribute to the long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability of agriculture within the region.


Project Timeline

This project breaks-out into three main phases resulting in the preparation of the Regional Agriculture Strategy by the end of 2022. The process moves through conducting research, engaging key players in identifying issues and opportunities for agriculture in the region, and bringing research and engagement findings into preparing and revising a Regional Agriculture Strategy.

  • Phase 1: Project initiation, Winter/Spring 2022
  • Phase 2: Understanding agriculture in the region, Summer/Fall 2022
  • Phase 3: Preparation of the RAS, Fall/Winter 2022


Questions on this project? Contact Kenna Jonkman, General Manager of Development Services, at 250-960-4400. 


The RDFFG Regional Agriculture Strategy is funded in part by the Local Government Partnership Program, with funding provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Government of British Columbia through programs delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC. The RAS is also funded by the RDFFG and is being supported by Urban and Regional Food Strategies in association with Upland Agricultural Consulting.

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