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Climate Change

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Reporting - Carbon Neutral Progress Survey 2014 CARIP-carbon-neutral-progress-reporting-2014.pdf (491 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2012 CARIP-Report-2012.pdf (186 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2013 CARIP-Report-2013.pdf (779 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2014 CARIP-Report-2014.pdf (233 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2015 CARIP-Report-2015.pdf (136 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2016 CARIP-Report-2016.pdf (416 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2017 CARIP-Report-2017.pdf (937 Kb)
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report 2018 CARIP-Report-2018.pdf (421 Kb)
Bulkley-Nechako & Fraser-Fort George BC Agriculture & Climate Change Regional Adaptation Strategies RegionalStrategies-BNFFG.pdf (8042 Kb)


RDFFG Annual Cultural Report 2016 RDFFG_ACR_2016.pdf (3502 Kb)
RDFFG Annual Cultural Report 2017 RDFFG_ACR_2017.pdf (5913 Kb)
RDFFG Annual Cultural Report 2018 RDFFG_ACR_2018.pdf (7029 Kb)
RDFFG Annual Cultural Report 2019 RDFFG_ACR_2019.pdf (7134 Kb)
RDFFG Cultural Plan 2021-2022 RDFFG_Cultural_Plan_2021-2022.pdf (4197 Kb)

Development Services

RDFFG Lakeshore Guidelines 2004 Lakeshore_guidelines.pdf (319 Kb)

Economic Development

McBride Economic Development Action Plan 2018-2022 McBride-Action-Plan.pdf (2671 Kb)
Prince George Area Industrial Lands Profile 2008 PGArea_Industrial_Lands_Profile.pdf (3906 Kb)
RDFFG Investment Ready Community Profile RDFFG_InvestmentReadyProfile.pdf (1977 Kb)
Robson-Canoe Valleys Economic Opportunities Plan 2010 RobsonCanoeEcOppPlan.pdf (2520 Kb)
Robson Valley Industrial Lands Study 2012 RVIndustrialLandsStudy.pdf (9621 Kb)
Air Quality Analysis for Potential Industrial Sites in the RDFFG 2010 RWDIAirModelingReport.pdf (5294 Kb)
Valemount 2020 Vision Implementation Strategy 2004 Valemount2020Vision.pdf (789 Kb)
Socio-Economic Opportunity Study for the Valemount Area 2004 ValemountSocioEconomicStudy.pdf (424 Kb)

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Plan for Azu Small Waterworks System ERPSWSAzu.pdf (53 Kb)
Emergency Response Plan for Bear Lake Small Waterworks System ERPSWSBearLake.pdf (56 Kb)
Little Bobtail Lake Fire After Action Report RDFFG-AAR-Executive-Summary.pdf (543 Kb)
Emergency Management Plan RDFFG-EMP.pdf (452 Kb)

Finance - Approved Budgets

2020 Approved Budget 2020_Approved_Budget.pdf (139 Kb)
2019 Approved Budget 2019_Approved_Budget.pdf (565 Kb)
2018 Approved Budget 2018_Approved_Budget.pdf (120 Kb)
2017 Approved Budget 2017_Approved_Budget.pdf (29 Kb)
2016 Approved Budget 2016_Approved_Budget.pdf (120 Kb)
2015 Approved Budget 2015_Approved_Budget.pdf (306 Kb)
2014 Approved Budget 2014_Approved_Budget.pdf (76 Kb)

Finance - Consolidated Financial Statements

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2019.pdf (2588 Kb)
2018 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2018.pdf (1588 Kb)
2017 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2017.pdf (1371 Kb)
2016 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2016.pdf (848 Kb)
2015 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2015.pdf (2067 Kb)
2014 Consolidated Financial Statements RegionalDistrictFinancialStatement_2014.pdf (630 Kb)

Finance - Statements of Financial Information

2019 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2019.pdf (3021 Kb)
2018 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2018.pdf (1709 Kb)
2017 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2017.pdf (1543 Kb)
2016 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2016.pdf (1249 Kb)
2015 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2015.pdf (1283 Kb)
2014 Statement of Financial Information SOFI_2014.pdf (2194 Kb)


RDFFG Regional Parks Plan 2010-2020 RDFFG_RegionalParksPlan.pdf (1639 Kb)

Solid Waste

2015 Regional Solid Waste Management Plan 2015_Regional_Solid_Waste_Management_Plan.pdf (1284 Kb)
Regional District of Fraser Fort-George 2018 Waste Characterization Study 2018-Waste-Characterization-Study.pdf (4656 Kb)
2019 Annual Greenhouse Gas Report for Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill 2019_Annual_Greenhouse_Gas_Emission_Report_-_Foothills_Boulevard_Regional_Landfill__.pdf (6307 Kb)
Assessment of Full-Service Levels for the Regional District Transfer Station Network Assessment_of_Full-Service_Levels_for_the_Regional_District_Transfer_Station_Network.pdf (2904 Kb)
Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Annual Report 2018 Foothills-Boulevard-Regional-Landfill-Annual-Report-2018.pdf (5733 Kb)
Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Annual Report 2019 Foothills_Boulevard_Regional_Landfill_2019_Annual_Report.pdf (3502 Kb)
Foothills Landfill Integrated Landfill Management Plan 2010 Integrated-Landfill-Managment-Plan-2010.pdf (31125 Kb)
Demolition, Land Clearing & Construction Waste Diversion Study RDFFG-DLC-Study-Report.pdf (4464 Kb)
Regional District of Fraser Fort-George 2013 Waste Characterization Study Waste_Characterization_Study_FBRL_2013.pdf (3840 Kb)


50th Anniversary of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George publication RDFFG-50th-Anniversary-publication.pdf (1126 Kb)
RDFFG Report on Corporate Governance RDFFG_GovernanceReport.pdf (16577 Kb)
RDFFG Strategic Priorities 2016-2019 Strategic-Priorities-2016-2019.pdf (232 Kb)
Strategic Priorities for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George 2019-2023 Strategic-Priorities-2019-2023.pdf (87 Kb)