Board Of Directors / Committees

The Regional Board may establish Standing Committees, Select Committees and Special Purpose Advisory Committees.

Standing Committees

Standing committees are established by the Chair and operate until terminated by the Chair, or until their mandate has been fulfilled. Standing committees make written recommendations to the Board through the Committee Chair as often as required. Unless the matter is time-sensitive, reports are usually made in the month following the committee meeting. Standing committee meetings are usually scheduled in conjunction with the monthly Regional Board meetings and are open to the public.

Current Standing Committees Membership

Standing Committees Terms of Reference

Select Committees

The Regional Board occasionally establishes select committees to investigate a specific matter and report back with its findings. Each select committee makes written recommendations to the Board through the Committee Chair as often as required. Once it has accomplished its task, the select committee is automatically dissolved. Select committee meetings are normally scheduled by the Committee Chair and are open to the public.

The current select committees are the Select Committee on Regional Broadband Connectivity and the Select Committee on Arts, Culture, Heritage Grants.

While the Regional Board may appoint anyone it wishes to a select committee, at least one member must be a director on the Regional Board.

Select Committees Terms of Reference

Special Purpose Advisory Committees

Special purpose advisory committees are established when technical or other specialized advice is required by the Board.

Current special purpose advisory committees:

  • Solid Waste Management Plan Tech. Committee
  • Public Safety Operations Group
  • Cultural Services Advisory Committee