Member Areas / Electoral Area H (Robson Valley-Canoe)

Electoral Area H (Robson Valley-Canoe) occupies over 15,000 km² including Dome Creek, Crescent Spur, and rural McBride and Valemount. There are 1,589 residents represented on the Regional District Board by Director Dannielle Alan.

Region-wide services provided include solid waste management, 9-1-1 emergency response, fire services coordination, regional parks, land use planning, building inspection and heritage conservation. Other Regional District services such as libraries, the Robson Valley and Canoe Valley Recreation Centres, Tete Jaune Community Cemetery, Arenas and television rebroadcasting are provided in those communities where residents have opted to pay for them. The Regional District owns and provides funds to operate the Dome Creek Recreation Facility and the Tete Jaune Community Hall.