Member Areas / Electoral Area D (Tabor Lake-Stone Creek)

Electoral Area D (Tabor Lake-Stone Creek) occupies 655 km² and includes Tabor Lake, Pineview, Buckhorn, Red Rock and Stoner. There are 4,375 residents represented on the Regional District Board by Director Bill Empey.

Region-wide services provided include solid waste management, 9-1-1 emergency response, fire services coordination, regional parks, land use planning, building inspection and heritage conservation. The Regional District also operates the Blackburn water system and the Bendixon Road, Buckhorn and Tabor Lake community sewer systems. Street lighting is provided in communities where residents have opted to pay for the service. Volunteer fire departments are established in Buckhorn, Ferndale/Tabor, Pineview, Red Rock/Stoner and Shell-Glen.