Board Of Directors / Overview

The Regional Board has 14 directors that are elected or appointed by individual municipalities and electoral areas. As the executive and governing body for the corporation, the Regional Board is responsible for establishing the corporate vision, for approving corporate policy, and for enacting all legislation (bylaws). In some circumstances the Regional Board also acts in a quasi-judicial capacity, such as when it holds public hearings. The Regional Board generally meets monthly to consider the matters which have been placed before it. Meeting agendas can be diverse as the Regional District provides a wide range of services to the public. Meetings of the Regional Board are conducted in public except under well defined circumstances. Each December the Regional Board holds its inaugural meeting and the Chair and Vice-Chair are elected. The Regional Board establishes several committees and commissions to assist it in the conduct of business. In some cases the Board has delegated the authority for making certain decisions to these bodies. Each committee or commission is responsible for choosing its own Chair.