Government / Our History

Before 1965 British Columbia's rural areas did not have a uniform local government structure and relied on the Province of B.C. (through its various Ministries), or incorporated as a local improvement district, to access basic services such as community water or fire protection. In areas with a municipal government structure there was no effective way to coordinate the service needs of multiple jurisdictions or to resolve inter-jurisdictional issues. The solution chosen by British Columbia was the creation of regional districts. Today, the province is divided into 27 regional districts, plus the northwest part of the province which is known as the Stikine region.

The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George was incorporated on March 8, 1967. The first meeting of the Regional District Board of Directors took place on March 30, 1967 at which time Councillor P. Klotz from the District of Mackenzie was elected Chairman.