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Media Releases 2023

Great_Beaver_Lake_Joint_Release_MLIB_Sept_15_1700.pdf (2986 Kb)
joint_release_RDFFG_RDBN_September_15_1730_hrs.pdf (1700 Kb)
Caution urged in September wildfire season Wildfire_caution_Sept_14.pdf (141 Kb)
Noonlang Lake (Ocock Lake), September 11, 2023 at 2130hrs joint_release_RDFFG_RDBN_September_11_2130_hrs.pdf (677 Kb)
Grant for Natural Hazard Study Hazard_study_grant_Sept_5_2023_FINAL.pdf (142 Kb)
Emergency Preparedness Week 2023 EPW_May_8_2023.pdf (144 Kb)
Teare Creek Wildfire Evacuation Order and Alert Rescinded Teare_Creek_Wildfire_Update_May_7_1100.pdf (130 Kb)
Teare Creek Wildfire May 6, 2023 at 1730hrs Teare_Creek_Wildfire_Update_May_6_1730.pdf (129 Kb)
Teare Creek Wildfire May 5, 2023 at 2030hrs EOC_Teare_Creek_Fire_May_5_2030_hrs.pdf (970 Kb)
Teare Creek Wildfire Evacuation Order and Alert EOC_Teare_Creek_Fire_May_5_1230_hrs.pdf (303 Kb)
Regional Agriculture Strategy RDFFG_Media_Release_-_Ag_strategy_Feb_16_2023.pdf (146 Kb)

Media Releases 2022

Carbon Neutral Natural Gas at Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill Fortis_and_RDFFG_Produce_Carbon_Neutral_Natural_Gas_June_1.pdf (173 Kb)
Regional Agriculture Strategy Agriculture_Strategy_May_12.pdf (143 Kb)
Emergency Preparedness Week 2022 EPW_May_3.pdf (144 Kb)
NorGrow Compost Sales Start NorGrow_Sales_May_2.pdf (141 Kb)
Junk in the Trunk Junk_in_the_Trunk_April_26.pdf (141 Kb)
Swap Sheds Reopen Swap_Sheds_Reopen_April_11.pdf (145 Kb)
Business Facade Improvement Program Business_Facade_Improvement_February_18.pdf (142 Kb)
Tire Collection Suspended Tire_Collection_Suspended.pdf (139 Kb)
2022 Budget Package 2022_Budget_Package.pdf (1104 Kb)