Corporate / Community Consultation Committees

The Community Consultation Committee (CCC) model was approved by the Regional Board in September 2013 to give flexibility and adaptability to communities that have single local services or multiple local services that share a boundary. This includes:

  • fire protection and rescue services
  • community sewer systems and water systems
  • community halls
  • other services funded and provided at the local level

Public engagement in CCCs assists the Regional District in making decisions that are in the best interests of the affected communities. Committee membership is voluntary and members must reside in the local service area. More information is available in the CCC Handbook


CCCs by Electoral Area

Ex-Officio: Warren Wilson, Electoral Area Director

  • Ness Lake Fire Fire Protection CCC
  • Pilot Mountain Fire Protection CCC
  • Salmon Valley Fire Protection CCC
  • Nukko Lake Community Hall CCC
  • Reid Lake Community Hall CCC

Ex-Officio: Lara Beckett, Electoral Area Director

  • Beaverly Fire Protection CCC
  • Chilako River-Nechako Rescue Service CCC
  • Miworth Community Hall CCC

Ex-Officio: Bill Empey, Electoral Area Director

  • Red Rock-Stoner Fire Protection CCC
  • Pineview Fire Protection CCC
  • Buckhorn Fire Protection CCC
  • Area D Rescue Service CCC
  • Tabor Lake Community Sewer CCC

Ex-Officio: Bill Empey, Electoral Area D Director and Kevin Dunphy, Electoral Area F Director

  • Ferndale/Tabor Fire Protection CCC
  • Shell-Glen Fire Protection CCC

Ex-Officio: Art Kaehn, Electoral Area Director

  • Hixon Fire Protection CCC

Ex-Officio: Kevin Dunphy, Electoral Area Director

  • Sinclair Mills Community Hall CCC
  • Eastline Community Facilities CCC

Ex-Officio: Pat Crook, Electoral Area Director

  • Azu Water CCC

Ex-Officio: Dannielle Alan, Electoral Area Director

  • Tete Jaune Community Hall CCC
  • Dome Creek Recreation Facility CCC
  • McBride and District Fire Protection CCC
  • Robson Valley Recreation Centre CCC
  • Valemount and District Fire and Rescue CCC
  • Canoe Valley Recreation Centre CCC
  • Tete Jaune Community Cemetery CCC 


Questions about CCCs?

Contact Electoral Area Directors

For more information on specific CCCs, contact:
Meredith Burmaster, Manager of Community Services  250-960-4441

Cindy Paton, Community Services Leader  250-960-4463

For more information on the function of CCCs, contact:
Karla Jensen, General Manager of Legislative and Corporate Services  250-960-4444

Dayna Hegel, Confidential Assistant, Corporate Services  250-960-4415