Corporate / Freedom of Information


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is a provincial law that balances:

  • Your right to access government information.
  • Your right to have the personal information collected from you by the Regional District protected.

How do I request information from the Regional District?

Routine Records

Records may be routine (not containing personal information or other information not releasable under provincial legislation) and are identified on the Regional District Routine Records Listing. These records do not require the submission of a formal request for information and they may be obtained by contacting us at 250-960-4400.

Non-Routine Records

To request Non-Routine Records (containing personal information or other information not releasable under provincial legislation), a formal request must be submitted in writing. The formal request for information form may be printed then scanned and emailed, or printed and delivered in person, by mail, email or fax to:

Corporate Services, FOI Coordinator
Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
155 George Street
Prince George, BC  V2L 1P8
Phone: 250-960-4400 / Confidential Fax:  250-563-7520

Application Forms

Building Plan Records

Building plans can only be released to the property owners, unless the property owners have provided consent to the applicant. Consent may be in the form of either:

  • The first page and the last page of the MLS Listing signed by the property owners (for realtors who are the applicant); or
  • The Consent for Building Plans Form is completed and signed by all property owners.
    • The consent form cannot be used as the application form to submit an FOI Request.
    • Consent Forms must be accompanied by a Request for Information form or as directed by an FOI Staff

Tips for Completing Request for Information Form

  • ensure all sections are completed
  • be as concise as possible with regard to the records or information being requested
  • if printing and hand filling the form, please print or write legibly

Additional Information