Building Inspection / Building Inspection Schedule

Mandatory inspections are required to ensure all work is completed according to the approved plans, including changes noted by the Plans Examiner. Your permit will include a list of mandatory inspections specific to your project.

Inspections do not happen automatically. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that you or your contractor contacts Building Inspection Services to book an inspection. Failure to have inspections performed may result in having to uncover and expose work for inspection.

Please book an inspection by calling our office at 250-960-4400. Please allow 48 hours’ notice for inspections.

A Building Inspector will perform an inspection and a report will be emailed to the applicant and contractor. If infractions are noted, these items must be corrected and a re-inspection booked to ensure that the infractions have been remedied. Once all mandatory inspections have been passed, the permit will be finalized and closed. 


Building Construction or Alteration Inspection Schedule



When footing forms are complete, prior to pouring concrete.


When foundation wall forms are complete, prior to pouring. If required, submit registered professional's letters of assurance prior to framing.


When the perimeter drain rock, drain tiles, foundation insulation (if applicable) and damp proofing is completed, prior to backfilling.  The survey (if required) for the foundation location is required prior to approval of Backfill.

Rough-in Plumbing:

When rough-in plumbing is completed prior to covering.  Water or air test must be visually confirmed by Building Official.  This can be completed in two inspections; Plumbing under the slab and above ground.

Soil Gas:

After the soil gas control is installed


Prior to pouring concrete floor slab. Air barrier system and insulation must be installed where applicable.

Masonry Fireplace:

When masonry fireplace is constructed to the smoke chamber and again when the chimney is complete prior to interior or exterior finish.


When framing, exterior sheathing, fire stopping, bracing, plumbing, HVAC and electrical are completed and prior to any interior and exterior finish being applied.  The Regional District approved plans, stamped drawings, truss/beam details and mechanical ventilation checklist must be on site.


When the chimney is installed prior to interior or exterior finish.


When insulation and vapour barrier are completed, prior to installing drywall or other finish.

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance:

When the solid fuel burning appliance is installed but prior to covering up.


When building has received all applicable inspections and meets all health and safety requirements.  If registered professionals letters of assurance are required, no occupancy will be granted until the letters of assurance have been received.  Final Certificate of Sewerage and proof of potable water is required prior to the occupancy inspection.


When building and landscaping are completed.


Manufactured Home Inspection Schedule



Foundation layout drawing to be supplied by Manufacture Home Supplier.

  • Concrete Pier Footings required on all Pier Foundations and both the footing and pier must be inspected prior to pouring concrete
  • Wood Cribbing Foundation must be constructed and installed in accordance with CSA Z240
  • Metal foundations require Engineering and the Engineer must provide Letters of Assurance (Schedule B and C-B for the project)


Sewerage and Potable Water - Prior to Occupancy

  • Final Certificate of Sewerage
  • Proof of Potable Water

Plumbing Services:

  • 4" Building Sewer
  • ¾" Water Service
  • Protection from freezing

Foundation System Complete

  • Anchored to foundation
  • Poly ground cover under home and sloped to prevent water pooling under home

Skirting Installed

  • Ventilation of Crawl Space
  • Access Door

Landings/Decks - Stairs at every Exterior Door

  • Landing
  • Access stairs (complete with handrails and guardrails)

Final Grade to Property

  • Slope away from mobile home