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The Regional District of Fraser Fort-George's Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigates bylaw contravention complaints to achieve compliance with regulations, ensuring the protection of residents and the region. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer works with those willing to rectify a contravention, however tickets and orders can be issued to those who do not comply voluntarily.

The Regional District's bylaw enforcement is complaint-driven. Staff do not search out contraventions but respond to complaints to ensure resources are focused on issues that concern residents the most.

If a bylaw may have been contravened, you may submit a complaint for investigation or, if you just have questions but don't wish to submit a complaint, feel free to email the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Common contraventions the Bylaw Enforcement Officer deals with include:

  • Building Bylaws – construction, alteration, demolition or movement of buildings without required permits
  • Hazardous Conditions – unsafe buildings or natural or artificial openings in the ground
  • OCP Bylaws – development of land (construction, earthworks, tree removal, etc.) within a lake protection area without required permits
  • Unsightly Premises – allowing unsightly conditions on a property (accumulations of derelict vehicles or rubbish, etc.)
  • Zoning Bylaws – using land or buildings for a purpose not permitted by zoning (operating a business not allowed by zoning, etc.)


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