Land Use Planning / Agricultural Land Reserve

Some properties within the Regional District are within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The ALR is a provincial zone in which agriculture is recognized as the priority use. Farming is encouraged and non-agricultural uses are restricted.  

Full information about the ALR, including the permitted uses and application process, is available from the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission.

Non-agriculture uses and subdivisions, unless permitted via regulation, are restricted unless approved by the Agricultural Land Commission(ALC). An application must be approved prior to any development.

Applications must be made using an online application portal. Paper forms are not accepted. 

Some applications submitted through the application portal are initially processed and evaluated by the Regional District, and then may be forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission for a decision. Other application types are considered directly by the ALC. The delegation agreement that previously allowed the Regional District Board to make a final decision regarding some applications is no longer in effect.

For full details contact, the Agricultural Land Commission.  

Contact the RDFFG Planning Department at 250-960-4400 or