Land Use Planning / Current Applications

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Electoral Area A

DPV 1379
Owner/Agent: Cameron Morris and Gwen Morris
Location: 27385 Ness Lake Road North
Development Permit with Variance No. 1379 is proposed to vary Section 31.0 (7)(iii) of Zoning Bylaw No. 2892, by increasing the combined maximum total floor area of one or more accessory buildings from 50.0m² to 80.0m².

DPV 1407
Owner: Nicole Hunniford and Andres Bucher
Location: 24615 Nessview Road
Development Permit with Variance No. 1407 is proposed to allow a lot line adjustment subdivision to resolve a boundary encroachment between Lot 39 and Lot 40 within the Ness Lake Development Permit Area. The Permit will vary Section 3 of Regional District Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 2815 by waiving the requirement for the two new lots to be supplied with a source of drinking water.  The Permit will further vary Section 4 of Bylaw No. 2815 by waiving the requirement for the two new lots to be serviced by a Community Sewage Collection and Disposal System. 


Electoral Area C

BYLAW 3288
Owner: Philip and Linda Asquith
Location: 41765 Prince George Highway 16 W
Zoning Bylaw No. 2892, Amendment Bylaw No. 3288, 2022 is proposed to rezone the subject property from Rural 1 (Ru1) to Residential/Seasonal 2 (R/S2) to allow Recreation Cabin use or other uses permitted by the R/S2 zone.  The subject property is legally described as The Fractional South West ¼ Of The Fractional South East ¼ Of District Lot 6781 Cariboo District Except Plans 17021 17500 and H789. 


Electoral Area H

BYLAW 3291
Owner: Melanie Chitty and William Chitty
Location: 15719 Old Tete Jaune Road
The purpose of Bylaw No. 3291 is to rezone The East 1/2 of District Lot 5683 Cariboo District Except: Plans 18334, 22857, 28636, 30380, PGP40622, and EPP1312 to permit Tourist Accommodation use on a site-specific basis within the Rural Residential 1 zone. The Tourist Accommodation use will be limited to a maximum floor area of 150 m² and a maximum of one unit of accommodation.


Multiple Electoral Areas

BYLAW 3277
Applicant: Regional District of Fraser-Fort George
Location: Regional District Electoral Areas A, C, D, G and H
Bylaw No. 3277 is proposed to zone unzoned lands adjacent to 14 lakes and 2 watercourses within Electoral Areas ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘G’ and ‘H’. The lands are within a development permit area and partially zoned. The unzoned lands will be brought into Zoning Bylaw No. 2892. Additionally, the proposed bylaw will repeal Punchaw Lake Area Zoning Bylaw No. 704 which regulates the use of land adjacent to Punchaw Lake. The land will be included in Zoning Bylaw No. 2892 with the creation of a new Seasonal Recreation 4 (SR4) zone.