Land Use Planning / Current Applications

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Electoral Area A

DPV 1379
Owner/Agent: Cameron Morris and Gwen Morris
Location: 27385 Ness Lake Road North
Development Permit with Variance No. 1379 is proposed to vary Section 31.0 (7)(iii) of Zoning Bylaw No. 2892, by increasing the combined maximum total floor area of one or more accessory buildings from 50.0m² to 80.0m².

BYLAW 3300 & 3301
Owner/Agent: William Kordyban/Shauna Goertzen, McElhanney Associates Land Surveying Ltd.
Location: 17900 Thompson Road W
An application has been made for a zoning bylaw and Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment to permit a lot line adjustment between Block A and Block C adjacent to Nukko Lake. The proposed lot line adjustment would create no additional parcels, but the resulting lots would be a non-contiguous Lot 1 of 77.3 ha and Lot 2 of 3.37 ha. The owner has advised that the lot line adjustment is for the benefit of their agricultural operation (ranching), separating the residence from the agricultural land and consolidating agriculture lands into one parcel. The residence will be located on Lot 2. 

BYLAW 3319
Owner/Agent: Sindia/Dennis Voss, V-Venture
Location: 24935 Hart Highway
To rezone a 4-hectare portion of the subject property from Rural 3 (Ru3) to Industrial 9 (M9) to permit Logging/Trucking Contractor use and Equipment Repair and Servicing use.


Electoral Area C

ALR 68669
Owner: Joanna Koehler and Albert Koehler
Location: 13105 and 13145 Blackwater Road
An application for a Non-Farm Use within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) has been made to permit Westwinds Mobile Veterinary Service to operate on 1.2 hectares (3 acres) of the 34.35-hectare (85.12 acre) property. Three removable prefabricated structures will be used to host the veterinary clinic.


Electoral Area D

BYLAW 3308 & 3309
Owner: Carolyn Sawatzky and Peter Sawatzky
Location: 15320/15270 Cariboo Highway
An application for a combined Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment has been made to retroactively permit the expansion of an existing vehicle dismantling/repair business which includes an accessory salvage/wrecking facility, and an accessory storage/warehouse use.

TUP 281
Owner/Agent: Tabor Aggregates Inc., INC.NO. BC 123559/Colton Kather, Datoff Bros. Construction Ltd.
Location: 6510 Tabor Lake South Road
Temporary Use Permit No. 281 is proposed to allow gravel crushing and screening (Preliminary Resource Processing use) at an existing aggregate pit for a three-year period on District Lot 9096 Cariboo District.

TUP 270
Owner: Lorie Atkinson
Location: 9040 Tabor Glen Drive
Temporary Use Permit No. 270 is proposed to allow Storage/Warehouse Facility use for a three-year period on Lot 5 District Lot 635 Cariboo District Plan BCP18775.


Electoral Area H

ALR 68251
Owner/Agent: Crown Land/Profor Management Inc. 
Location: Southeast of McBride: Site 1 - Eddy Road, Site 2 - Hinkleman Road
Application for Non-Farm Use (Soil Removal) in the ALR to allow continued aggregate extraction in two existing gravel pits.  

BYLAW 3318
Owner/Agent: Simpson/TRUE Land Surveying
Location: 16305 Highway 5 N
The purpose of Bylaw No. 3318 is to rezone a portion of Parcel A District Lots 480 and 5682 Cariboo District Plan 30297 from Industrial 2 (M2) to Small Holding (SH) to facilitate subdivision of the property or other permitted uses by the SH zone.