Land Use Planning / Development Permit
An Official Community Plan (OCP) may designate areas of land as a Development Permit Area. A Development Permit Area may be designated to:
  • ensure the protection of the water quality and fisheries value of a lake or river
  • to protect the aesthetic and scenic values of an area, lake or river
  • to protect the natural environment
  • to protect development from hazardous conditions
  • to establish guidelines concerning the form and character of commercial development of a particular area
Generally, buildings and structures must be located at least 15 metres from the natural boundary of the high water mark of the water body and shoreline vegetation is encouraged to be retained or replanted in the first 15 metres of shoreline to satisfy Development Permit regulations.
For property located in a Development Permit Area, a Development Permit is required for:
  • subdivision of land
  • construction of, addition to, or alteration of, a building or structure
  • alteration of land including landscaping and clearing
  • installation of sewage disposal systems including pit privies
Development permits for subdivision, commercial, industrial or institutional purposes require consideration by the Regional Board.
A Development Permit application is made to the RDFFG. The applicant is required to provide a sketch of the proposed and existing development on their property. Staff will meet the applicant on site to review the application. If a Development Permit is issued notice is registered on the property title.
A Development Permit application can take between one to five weeks to process, so check with Planning Department for a projected timeline for an application.


Basic Development Permit Delegated           $150
Development Permit Amendment Delegated $75
Development Permit Non-Delegated             $225
Development Permit with Variance                $350

Lakeshore Guidelines

The RDFFG has developed a set of guidelines to help property owners develop their lakeshore properties. 

A Shoreline Living Series

For more inforamtion on Development Permits, contact the Planning Department at 250-960-4400 or