Land Use Planning / Development Variance Permit
A zoning bylaw establishes standards for development. Some of the development standards can be changed for a specific situation. An application to vary zoning bylaw regulation can be submitted for consideration by the Regional Board.
Development Variance Permits cannot change “land use” or “density”. Development Variance Permits can change the minimum distance of a build from a property line, or the minimum distance of a build from a lake. They can also vary characteristics such as maximum height of a building, or maximum/minimum size of a building.
The Regional Board considers applications for Development Variance Permits. If a Development Variance Permit is issued, notice of the permit will be registered on the property title. A Development Variance Permit application fee is $350 and takes approximately two months to process.
A Brochure outlining the Development Variance Permit process can be found here:
Brochure Link

For more information on Development Variance Permits, contact the Planning Department at 250-960-4400 or