Land Use Planning / Official Community Plans
The purpose of an Official Community Plan (OCP) is to state the Regional District's general land use objectives and policies and to provide guidance and future direction on land use decisions within our electoral areas. Proposed development must be consistent with the OCP's.
The Regional District has seven electoral areas with eight OCP's:
1. Electoral Area A - Salmon River-Lakes
2. Electoral Area C - Chilako River-Nechako
3. Electoral Area D - Tabor Lake-Stone Creek
4. Electoral Area D - Pineview
5. Electoral Area F - Willow River - Upper Fraser Valley
6. Electoral Area G - Crooked River - Parsnip
7. Electoral Area H - Robson Valley - Canoe Downstream
8. Electoral Area H - Robson Valley - Canoe Upstream
The Regional District also has one Rural Land Use Bylaw (RLUB):
1. Electoral Area E - Hixon-Woodpecker Rural Land Use Bylaw
If a proposed development does not fit the terms of an OCP or RLUB, an amendment is required. The amendment process involves public notification, a public-hearing and first, second, third reading and adoption of a formal bylaw by the Regional District Board of Directors. An OCP or RLUB amendment application fee is $900 and can take approximately six months to process if all the required information is received. If an OCP amendment application is made jointly with a Zoning Bylaw amendment the application fee is $1,200.
For more information on OCPs, contact the Planning Department at 250-960-4400 or