Regional Parks / John Dahl Regional Park

John Dahl Regional Park, jointly developed by the District of Mackenzie and Regional District of Fraser - Fort George, is located within the District of Mackenzie.

The Regional Park contains the 2.2 km long Barb Dahl trail, the 1.5 km long Dick Dauphinee trail, and viewpoints overlooking Morfee Lakes. There is also a playground area for children.

Trails remain open year round and provide walking/hiking experiences in spring, summer and fall. The trail is groomed for cross country skiing in winter.

The park was named after John Dahl, a prominent community citizen. Trails are named after Barb Dahl who was a driving force in sports and education in Mackenzie for 21 years and Dick Dauphinee who was involved with Scouts.

The trails and facilities are maintained and operated by the District of Mackenzie.

Camping is not permitted.

John Dahl Regional Park Site Map JohnDahlSiteMap.pdf (156 Kb)