Regional Parks / Kristian Winther Regional Park

Kristian Winther Regional Park is located on the south shore of the Salmon River, 30 km north of Prince George, via the Hart Highway 97. The park is 70 acres in size and has a short 'loop' trail (700 metres) that travels along the Salmon River and back through some new growth forest. While on the trail keep an eye out for deer, moose and bear tracks or look into the trees for holes where birds may be nesting.

The park features two acres of lawn for you to enjoy a game, a group gathering (park use permit required) or just spend some time with family.

Facilities at the park include picnic tables, fire pits and toilets. Camping is not permitted.

Kristian Winther was born in 1972 in Prince George were he was raised and spent the majority of his adult life. For all who knew Kristian, this park is a place where his spirit is alive. He was an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fishing, hunting and outdoor life that led him in many different directions in his short life. He fished all around British Columbia as well as in Mexico, the South Pacific and Australia. He was equally comfortable on land hunting for birds and game here in British Columbia, in Alberta or in Denmark. His expeditions weren't always for fishing or hunting as he also hiked and explored and had a great appreciation and respect for nature. Kristian spent the majority of his life outdoors where he was the happiest and most at ease.

Chris Winther, Kristian's father, founded this park as a living memorial to his only son. Kristian spent many hours there, fishing, exploring and enjoying the river. His hope was to create the opportunity for others to explore and enjoy the river with its surrounding nature. Kristian's knowledge of outdoor life came from his own experiences as well as times spent with his family and friends outdoors. This park is a place for families and friends to spend time enjoying, exploring and learning about nature together.