Landfills / Mackenzie Select Waste Landfill

The Mackenzie Select Waste Landfill and Regional Transfer Station is the second largest landfill operated by the Regional District. The site offers recycling, centralized composting of yard and garden trimmings, residential waste disposal and commercial waste disposal.

The Regional District also operates the recycling depots on Fraser Boulevard and Cicada Road. The District of Mackenzie manages the residential garbage collection service.


Operating Hours

Monday 9 am - 5 pm
Tuesday 9 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am - 5 pm
Thursday 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 9 am - 5 pm



Holiday Hours


New Years’ Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labour Day, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day & Boxing Day




Tipping Fees

Tipping fees are levied for disposal of waste and is based on weight and type of material:  

  • Residents can drop off small loads of household waste and small amounts of construction waste under 100 kg with no charge. There is also no charge to drop off recycling, yard and garden trimmings, or materials for the Swap Shed.
  • The fee to dispose of refuse and demolition, land clearing and construction waste in loads over 100 kg is $96 per tonne or a $6 minimum charge per load.
  • All controlled waste has a disposal fee and some types of controlled waste cannot be disposed of at this site. See the Controlled Waste section below for more details.

Tipping fees can be paid by cash, cheque, MasterCard, VISA or debit card. Commercial customers can apply for credit accounts with the Regional District.


Controlled Waste

Controlled waste requires special handling and disposal techniques to avoid creating health hazards, nuisances, or environmental pollution.

Controlled Waste, no pre-approval or permit required*
  • appliances with ozone depleting substances (fridges, freezers, water coolers, air conditioners): no charge
  • food processing waste: $96 per tonne, $6 minimum charge
  • gypsum board or wallboard - SEPARATED: $96 per tonne, $6 minimum charge
    MIXED LOADS are only accepted at Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill
  • screening from municipal sewage treatment plants and pumping stations: $96 per tonne, $6 minimum charge
Controlled Waste, only pre-approval required*

Some types of controlled waste require pre-approval for disposal which is received by contacting the Regional District at 250-960-4433. Arrival at the landfill without pre-approval can result in being turned away without permission to dispose of waste.

  • bulky waste
  • camp waste
  • concrete
  • condemned food
  • creosote treated wood 
  • dead animals
  • pumping from commercial laundry lint traps, parking lot drainage sumps or sumps collecting vehicle washing facility run-off
  • vehicle hulks
  • wood ash from industrial operations

Tipping fees and minimum charges are available upon request.

Controlled Waste, both pre-approval and permit required*

In addition to pre-approval, some types of controlled waste also require a disposal permit. Complete an online controlled waste disposal permit application or request a copy at the landfill.

  • asbestos
  • biosolids
  • contaminated soil
  • international waste

Tipping fees and minimum charges are available upon request.


Prohibited Materials


Swap Shed

The Mackenzie Regional Landfill has a waste exchange area where reusable items can be dropped off or picked up free of charge. Accepted items include clothing, books, toys, sporting goods and furniture.



Salvaging of materials from dumping areas, transfer bins, recycling bins or the Marshalling Area is not permitted.



A minimum charge for small loads of household waste at all Regional District solid waste facilities was approved by the Regional District Board as part of Bylaw No. 3023 in November 2016. A date has not been confirmed to implement this fee in Mackenzie, but it will be advertised months in advance to ensure residents are aware of the change.

The Mackenzie Regional Landfill was not efficient, costing approximately $330,000 per year to operate given the small volume of garbage it received. The facility was outdated and remote location was inconvenient for effective waste diversion. There was also high liability and long-term environmental risks if it had continued to operate.

Since 1997, the Regional District has been moving towards a single, better designed regional landfill and closing small rural landfills. When small landfills have closed, several were replaced with transfer stations with marshalling points to ship the community’s waste and recycling to the regional landfill or a recycling centre.

A transfer station is a single, convenient location for residents to recycle and dispose of waste which helps the Regional District to meet waste diversion goals. A full-service transfer station can also be designed to include partnerships with product stewards that offer waste diversion programs. 


Mackenzie Landfill


*In all cases consult Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Bylaw No. 3166, 2020, Amendment Bylaw No. 3283, 2022 that establishes tipping fee rates, definition of terms, site regulations, and permit and approval requirements for controlled waste.