Solid Waste Management / Overview

Integrated Solid Waste Management services include landfill operations, a network of regional transfer stations, and a variety of waste reduction initiatives including multi-material recycling, yard and garden waste composting and educational programs.
These services and programs are supported by the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (RSWMP) which is a plan required by British Columbia legislation. The implementation of solid waste management services began in 1994 based on the concepts put forward by the RSWMP which establishes the RDFFG municipal solid waste management strategy.
The current RSWMP was updated and approved in 2015, to reflect the current needs of the regional district, as well as current market conditions, technologies and regulations.
The Plan includes programs, policies and infrastructure to meet the objectives of: minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill and maximize landfill life; increasing recycling opportunities, incorporating Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) into Plan; addressing the final closure and monitoring of the small landfills; and addressing the management of construction and demolition waste.

2015 Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

Landfills and Transfer Stations