Transfer Stations / Upgrades to the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station


Project Updates

November 4  The Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station has officially reopened after a temporary construction closure.

Nov 4.jpg

Click here for the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station operating hours.

October 21  The project is nearing completion and the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station is reopening Thursday November 4, 2021.

To provide better traffic flow and increased safety for site users, haulers and staff, the transfer station now has multiple access points:

  • the first entrance is for haulers only
  • the second entrance is to access the waste disposal area and then continues to the recycling area before exiting the site
  • the third entrance is to access the recycling area only

Other site features include:

  • a new waste disposal area with additional bins for household garbage, scrap metal and yard waste
  • a recycling area to drop off printed paper, packaging and tires
  • used oil and antifreeze collection that is scheduled to start in the spring

Pass card implementation and collection of disposal fees will go into effect in spring 2022, after a pass card kiosk and a cashless point of sale (for non-pass card users) is installed at the site. The Regional District is currently defining the catchment area for pass cards and they will be mailed out to residents in advance of the spring implementation. There will be no charge to access the recycling area.

Click here for the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station operating hours.

October 1  Construction is moving along at Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station with the pouring of concrete pads and installation of the safety rail system. The project is on track, and the site is expected to reopen in early November.

In spring 2022, swipe card access will be implemented for residents using this transfer station site. More information on this new initiative will be posted on this page by early in the new year. 

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September 17  Work continues at Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station and a portion of the buried municipal solid waste has been removed from the site.

The lower section designated for waste disposal has been developed and leveled. Lock block walls have been erected and forms are in place for concrete to be poured next week. 

Cummings Sept.jpg

August 13   The construction at Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station is up and running with several initial works completed in the last week. The bin wall and metal frame have been deconstructed and are ready to be recycled or reused in this project. Clearing and grubbing have also been completed. 


It is anticipated that the site will reopen November 1, 2021.

July 15   The active construction at the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station is experiencing delays given the following circumstances:

  • Spring load restrictions on Cummings Road were increased this spring from the usually 70% to 50% legal axel loading. This prevented heavy equipment getting into the site, and the project start date was moved from May 1 to June 1.  
  • A bird nesting survey needed to be completed and confirmed the presence of occupied nests in several areas of the construction project. Under section 34 of the Provincial Wildlife Act construction must wait until the nests are no longer occupied:

    Vegetation clearing is likely to destroy birds’ nests, so it should be done only when the nests are not occupied. To comply with Section 34(iii) of the Act, clearing that must be done during the nesting season and must be preceded by nest surveys to confirm that active nests will not be affected.”
  • Work continues to secure required outstanding permits with multiple government agencies for this construction project. 

Looking for details on alternate disposal locations?
The operating hours for all Regional District transfer stations can be found here. Shelley Regional Transfer Station is the preferred alternate disposal location during this temporary construction closure of the Cummings Road Transfer Station.


Recycling or composting questions?
Visit or call the Waste Diversion Team directly at 250-960-4433.

June 17   Preliminary work has begun at the site, including the removal of the bins, signs and some electric temporary fencing.

Given that the transfer station is located on a former landfill, it is considered a contaminated site. The site is also leased Crown land and does not belong to the Regional District. As a result, some of the construction processes aren’t as straight forward as other commercial or residential construction projects.

There are a number of permits from multiple agencies that the RDFFG is working to obtain before construction can advance further. Additionally, we are aware that a number of area birds construct nests in the lock block wall and trees at the site. As such, a bird nesting survey needs to be conducted by an independent, professional, approved local firm, as is required by a number of provincial and federal laws. The purpose of bird nest surveys is to confirm active nests or protected raptor nests are not present in areas where clearing is proposed.

The survey was part of the project budget so no extra costs are to be incurred.

While active construction at the site has slowed temporarily, there is plenty of work happening in order to meet the timeline of a November opening.



The transfer station infrastructure is outdated and no longer accommodates the demands residents put on the site. It has outgrown the current design, resulting in traffic jams, site safety concerns and limited recycling opportunities.

The construction upgrades will expand the site to provide better traffic flow, more recycling opportunities, and improved site safety for customers, waste/recycling haulers and onsite staff. Improvements will include:

  • Newly designed entrance for all site users
  • Increased number of waste bins for:
    • Clean wood waste
    • Yard and garden waste
  • Expanded recycling area for:
    • Multi material recycling (mixed paper, cardboard and carton and containers)
    • Tires
    • Scrap metal
    • Major appliances (excluding fridges and freezers) New!
    • Used oil and antifreeze New!
  • Electric fence for wildlife control

This project is valued at $1.67 million. The funding for this capital project comes from reserves in the 2021 solid waste management budget.

The site will be temporarily closed to site users to allow construction to proceed uninterrupted. Heavy equipment working on the site increases concern for safety of all users. Limiting access to only the construction crews avoids close calls and near misses between customers and equipment.

The Regional District recognizes the inconvenience this presents to residents who use the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station for waste disposal and recycling. The goal is to have the construction finished as early as possible and temporarily closing the site will allow this to happen.

The site will be closed from June 1, 2021 for approximately four to five months. For safety reasons, public access will not be permitted during construction.

During the temporary closure of the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station residents are asked to proceed to the Shelley Regional Transfer Station (15 mins away) or go directly to the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill (30 mins away).


Regional District staff will monitor the additional pressure that this will have on the alternate facilities and make adjustments to accommodate the increase in operational needs.

We all share the responsibility to dispose of our waste legally and with respect for our neighbours. While we recognize the temporary closure of the transfer station may be inconvenient, there are alternate disposal sites available during the temporary closure. Illegal dumping negatively impacts the environment and attracts wildlife. If you discover an illegal dumping site or witness illegal dumping in the act, please contact the BC Conservation Officers Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) hotline at 1-877-952-7277.

There are no job losses due to this project. Site attendants from the Cummings Road Regional Transfer Station will be reassigned to other sites during the temporary closure.

Similar to operations at the Vanway Regional Transfer Station, there will be a fee for disposal of household waste. There will be no charge for recycling.

Eligible households in the Pineview area are provided with a Pass Card that allows access to the site 50 times in a 12 month period (September 1 to August 31). When residents visit the transfer station, they will swipe their Pass Card over a reader at the gate to gain access to the waste disposal area of the site. Each time they use the card, the remaining visits will be decreased by one. The recycling services area does not require the use of the Pass Card.

For users without a Pass Card, the fee to access the waste disposal area is $6.00 per visit (debit/credit only).

If you require further information, please contact Laura Zapotichny at or call 250-960-4400.