Waste Reduction / Recycling

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Satellite Drop-Depot Locations

Drop-depot sites can be found in Prince George, Mackenzie, McBride, Dunster and Valemount. Satellite drop-depots are located throughout Prince George where recycling bins are provided for the collection of all paper fibre and metal food and beverage containers. Drop-depot locations include:

  • Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill
  • Quinn Street Recycling Depot
  • Vanway Transfer Station
  • Bear Lake Transfer Station
  • Buckhorn Transfer Station
  • Chief Lake Transfer Station
  • Cummings Rd Transfer Station
  • Hixon Transfer Station
  • Shelley Transfer Station
  • West Lake Transfer Station
  • Willow River Transfer Station
  • Dunster Transfer Station
  • McBride Transfer Station
  • Valemount Transfer Station
  • District of Mackenzie Landfill
  • Cascades Recovery Inc (8545 Willow Cale Road)

MMBC Depots

  • Hart Return-It Centre (6665 Hart Highway)
  • PG Recycling & Return-It Centre (2614 Peterson Road)

Blue Bin Curbside Recycling in the City of Prince George

As of September 2014 Multi-Material BC (MMBC) began a curbside recycling program for packaging and printed paper for Prince George residents (who currently receive curbside garbage collection). Residents are provided with two blue recycling boxes; one for paper products, the other for container recycling. For a list of what is accepted in this recycling program refer to the recycling guide that was included with the bins or visit www.RecyclinginBC.ca

Expanded list of accepted materials