Waste Reduction / Overview
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One of the guiding principles of the Solid Waste Management Plan is to reduce the regional solid waste stream to the greatest extent possible, in accordance with the hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle. With this in mind the RDFFG has developed several programs and partnerships to encourage waste reduction in the region.
Composting is Mother Nature’s way of recycling. Yard and garden materials and kitchen waste can be diverted from the landfill and composted into a nutrient rich soil amendment. Backyard Composting and Centralized Composting are two great ways to decrease the amount of household waste you put to the curb each week.
Recycling is another way to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The Regional District has a network of multi-material recycle bins located throughout the region, allowing residents to recycle mixed paper, cardboard, newspapers, food tins and plastic milk jugs.

As of October 2014, residents can recycle household residential plastics in the multi-material recycle bins.

The Regional District has developed a partnership with the Recycling Environmental Action Planning Society REAPS to act as a local clearinghouse for waste reduction and recycling information through their website, workshops and classroom activities.