Wastewater Systems / Willow River Sewer

A referendum (assent vote) on the proposed Willow River Community Sewer and Water Service was held in February 2011 where eligible voters voted in favour of supporting a community sewer and water service that the service area residents would be responsible for 1/3 of the estimated construction costs, at that time. The proposal was for infrastructure grant funding being applied for to pay for the remaining 2/3 of constructions costs. Although grant applications were submitted to fund the project, they were not successful and to date, the necessary funding has not been secured to proceed with this project.

Due to the length of time it has been since the referendum (assent vote) occurred and the project has not been able to move forward, installation of the community water and sewer is currently on hold. Public consultation will be necessary if service area residents express interest in moving forward with the water and sewer proposal or if there is a consideration for a modification of the scope of the project.