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Contents of a 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Shelter in Place

Just the basics! Food, water, safety supplies and essential personal items. This kit should be small enough to carry in case you are evacuated from your home.

Here is a list of suggested items

You should have a plan for your business and employees – it is just responsible business management. Big or small, your ability to be ready depends on planning and preparedness.

Find out more here

Owners are responsible for the care of their personal pets, companion animals and recreational livestock during emergencies. In addition to building a kit for your ‘human family’ you need have supplies and transportation ready for your animals. You will also be responsible for emergency accommodations for your animals should you have to evacuate from your home.

Find livestock kits and suggested items and ideas for pets here

Yes. The Province of BC has policies in place to provide support to commercial livestock producers. They may receive assistance from the Regional District Emergency Program in relocating their commercial livestock during evacuation alerts - if necessary.

More information can be found here

Go indoors and stay there! For more tips on being ready to shelter in place and why click here.

An Evacuation Alert means – now is the time to get ready to leave.

An Evacuation Order means – LEAVE NOW!

An Evacuation Rescind means – it is permissible to return to the area with consideration of safety concerns that may still be present.

Check out the Insurance Bureau of Canada's - Insurance 101 at http://www.ibc.ca/on/insurance-101 for some great information!