Emergency Preparedness / The Regional District's Role

Emergency Management Program

In 2004 the Provincial Government enacted legislation for regional districts to assume the responsibility of emergency management within electoral areas. Since then, much work has been done by local governments throughout BC to ensure the best possible outcomes if an emergency response is required.  

In the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, the Emergency Preparedness Services Bylaw No. 2162 establishes the Emergency Preparedness Service for the seven Electoral Areas, and the Emergency Management Bylaw No. 2960 establishes an Emergency Management Program that includes mitigation, planning, preparedness, response and recovery and authorizes the Emergency Services Coordinator to develop, manage, lead and maintain the program.

Emergencies can affect part or all of a community. They can happen anytime and anywhere. The Regional District is committed to ensuring those within its borders are educated to the risks and gain the knowledge needed to help themselves during an emergency.

To learn more, read the Regional District's Emergency Response Plan or contact the Emergency Operations Centre and Emergency Services Coordinator at 250-960-4400.


For suppliers to receive payment, the Regional District requires the following information on submitted invoices:

  • Regional District purchase order number
  • Emergency Management BC task number (provided by the Regional District Operation Section with the purchase order number)
  • name of person or company supplying the service
  • date and invoice number
  • description of services rendered or items supplied and a breakdown of all costs
  • if GST charged, the GST number must be provided and taxes must be shown separately