Emergency Management / overview

Emergency Management Program

In 2004 the Provincial Government enacted legislation making regional districts responsible for emergency management within electoral areas, and since then, local governments have been working hard to ensure the best possible outcome if an 


 emergency response is required.  

Emergencies can affect part or all of a community. They can happen anytime and anywhere. The Regional District is committed to ensuring those within its borders are educated to the risks and gain the knowledge needed to help themselves during an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Services Bylaw No. 2162

  • Establishes the Emergency Preparedness Service for the seven Electoral Areas.

Emergency Management Bylaw No. 2960

  • Establishes an Emergency Management Program that is to include mitigation, planning, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Authorizes the Emergency Services Coordinator to develop, manage, lead and maintain the program

Don't be caught off guard when a larger emergency occurs - the better prepared we are, the better we will manage during an emergency and recover afterwards!

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