Emergency Management / Public Alerting System


Public Alerting System

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The Public Alerting System (PAS) is a way for the Regional District and the City of Prince George to communicate important information to the most people in a short amount of time. When emergencies like severe weather, floods or wildfires happen, all registered contacts in that area will receive texts, voice calls or emails with public safety notifications and evacuation alerts and orders.


Who can register?

Everyone! The PAS is free to all those living, working and visiting the City of Prince George and the electoral areas of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.


How do I register?


  • Select 'Resident' or 'Visitor'
    Are you a permanent resident or just visiting the area?

Resident Sign Up 

  • Enter your name, email address and phone number(s), and choose a password for the account.

  • Select the zone(s) you wish to receive emergency notifications for.  You may select more than one.

      Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) Zones

  • RDFFG Zone 1: Electoral Area G (including Summit Lake, Bear Lake, McLeod Lake and north of Mackenzie)
  • RDFFG Zone 2: Electoral Areas A, C, D, E, and F (including Ness Lake, Salmon Valley, Miworth, Beaverly, West Lake, Buckhorn, Pineview, Red Rock, Hixon, Shelley, Penny and Willow River)
  • RDFFG Zone 3: Electoral Area H (including Dome Creek, Dunster, Tete Jaune and rural McBride and Valemount)

      City of Prince George (CPG) Zones

  • CPG Zone A: Cranbrook Hill Area / Shane Lake / Kimball Rd (no garbage pickup)
  • CPG Zone B: Ferguson Lake / McGuire Road / Concord Rd / Pidherny Trails
  • CPG Zone C: Shady Valley / Fraserview / Nichols
  • CPG Zone D: BCR Industrial Site / Boundary Road (no garbage pickup) / Sintich
  • CPG Zone Blue: Blue Garbage Zone Pickup
  • CPG Zone Green: Green Garbage Zone Pickup
  • CPG Zone Orange: Orange Garbage Zone Pickup
  • CPG Zone Red: Red Garbage Zone Pickup
  • CPG Zone Yellow: Yellow Garbage Zone Pickup

Not sure what City of PG Zone you are in? Enter your address here.

  • Optional: Add another contact on the account.
    There is no limit to the number of people you can add to your account. Include your family members so everyone is informed!

  • Select 'Finished'


What's the difference the PAS and Alert Ready, the national notification system?

The PAS is used by the Regional District and the City of Prince George to deliver notifications of emergency situations, and evacuation alerts and orders.

Alert Ready is used by the federal and provincial governments and only in the most urgent, large-scale situations when there is an immediate threat to life. Alert Ready delivers alerts through television, radio and LTE-connected and compatible wireless devices. This service is not subscription-based and is sent to all compatible devices within a geographically targeted area. 

Are there PAS alerts about events in the municipalities of Mackenzie, McBride and Valemount?

At the moment, the PAS is only used for events that take place in the rural or electoral areas of the Regional District and the City of Prince George. The Regional District is working with these municipalities on a joint program, with the possibility of them joining the PAS in the future.


PAS users own their accounts and their information in the system. Accounts are self-administered and users can update their own contact information or delete their accounts if they no longer wish to receive notifications.

The PAS' security standards meet those of online banks and information is never shared without permission or used for any other purposes. Contact the Regional District’s General Manager of Corporate and Legislative Services (FOI Head) at or 250-960-4400 with questions on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the PAS.


Questions on the PAS? Contact the Emergency Services Coordinator at 250-960-4400 (1-800-667-1959)