Fire Rescue Services / Fire Rescue Volunteers
They are your next door neighbour, the soccer mom down the street, and the mill worker you see at the local gas station each morning – people just like you. They are people in your community that have a desire to contribute to the safety and protection of the community and have taken some basic training to be able to do that.

No, it is understood that there will be times when a volunteer is not available. That is why maintaining a healthy roster is important to the fire department.

Volunteer Firefighters:

  • respond to emergency call-outs for fires, medicals and highway rescues
  • train to a recognized standard for fire fighting, medical aid and highway rescue
  • provide public safety information, and
  • maintain apparatus and equipment
Various roles are available within the fire service, depending upon the department’s needs. Roles range from Active Firefighter to Office Assistant to Instructor…. volunteering to help out at any level is always needed.

You will be required to complete a “Basic Training Package”. The fire department will have weekly practice nights and additional training opportunities are available. You will also become trained in the command system and learn chain of command. When you have successfully completed your training you will be placed on active call out duty and will carry a pager in order to respond to the fire hall for emergency calls.

Members are expected to attend as many fire practices as possible during the course of a year. Fire practices usually occur once a week and last for a couple of hours.

No, we understand that members cannot be available at all times – family and work come first. We do monitor attendance closely though; if a member is not very active, they may be asked to step down.
Generally you must reside within a fire protection area in order to volunteer for that particular fire department. Leave a message at the Fire Hall – a fire department representative will get back to you.